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Email Genie - FAQ



How does Email Genie work?

Email Genie is a plugin for Outlook - it looks at EVERYTHING within your Outlook (emails, calendar, address book, etc.) and uses complex patented algorithms to determine what's important for you and what's not. End result - "important" emails are automatically colored/highlighted within your Outlook. 


How does Email Genie help me?

Email Genie automagically highlights the important emails in your Inbox so that you never miss them. Take care of your important business first before you address the remaining emails.


Is my email safe & secure? Does Email Genie delete/modify my emails?

Your email data is 100% safe. Email Genie does NOT delete, modify, move or change your emails in any way. It only colors/highlights the emails that it deems "important" for you.

Email Genie is 100% safe, secure & private - the software runs on your PC and we do NOT have any access to your email.


When does an 'important' email become 'unimportant'?

An email identified as 'important' (highlighted in different color) by Email Genie loses the important status after one of the following events occur (1) you have replied or forwarded that email - i.e. you took an action on that email (2) moved the email from INBOX to some other folder (3) Enough time has passed after the email has been received.


Do I need Email Genie?

If you get more than 50 emails in your INBOX everyday (the ones that haven't been handled by Outlook rules wizard or spam filter), you'll love using Email Genie.


I have a spam filter and I use Outlook's Rules Wizard - why do I need Email Genie?

Your spam filter typically catches all external spam mail - the spam filter doesn't help you with all the 'internal emails' that you have been indiscriminately CC'ed & BCC'ed on. Email Genie is a genius at sorting through human written 'internal email' to identify emails that are important to you.

Outlook Rules Wizard is excellent for filtering those emails that you machine generated (with fixed subject/body format) or emails sent to DL's (distribution lists). However, Outlook's Rules Wizard is not of much use when you have been CC'ed or BCC'ed on hundreds of emails that have been written by actual humans. Email Genie sorts through such email and uses complex algorithms to help you identify the emails that are important to you.


Can I use Email Genie for Outlook configured with POP/IMAP/Lotus Domino?

NO. Currently Email Genie does NOT work for Outlook configured with POP/IMAP/Lotus Domino. Email Genie only works for Outlook configured with Microsoft Exchange. If you are not sure about which email system you use, please check with your system administrator. 


Does Email Genie work on Mac?

Sorry. Currently Email Genie workly only on Windows operating system! See system requirements.