Enable emoji keyboard on your iPhone!

Want a smiley keyboard (i.e. keyboard for easily typing emoticons) on iPhone?

Do you build web pages optimized for the iPhone? Do you want to use emoji (i.e. emoticon) characters such as below in your web pages?

Look no further! In addition to enabling the emoji keyboard on your iPhone, iEmoji gives you a list of easy to use codes for all the 461 emoji characters that iPhone (and iPod Touch) supports. Quickly embed these codes into your HTML pages and churn out cool look web pages.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I uninstall iEmoji after the emoji keyboard is enabled?

Yes, you can safely uninstall iEmoji after you have enabled the emoji keyboard - the emoji keyboard will continue to be available.

When I send an SMS or email with emojis, other non-iPhone can't see the characters properly. Why?

When you send an SMS/email with the emoji characters, the recipient too needs to have an iPhone (with OS 2.2 or higher) to see the emoji characters - otherwise the characters will be shown garbled. Unfortunately these emoji characters cannot be displayed correctly on PC and on other phones (such as Nokia, Blackberry etc.) because the character encoding for these emoji's is not standardized across platforms. We tried hard, but this problem is impossible to solve until all the handset manufacturers settle on a standard encoding for emoji characters.

Once the emoji keyboard is enabled, how do I turn it ON/OFF?

To turn OFF/ON the emoji keyboard, go to "Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese" and turn OFF/ON "Emoji".

My web pages with emoji codes are not displayed properly outside the iPhone. Why?

Web pages built with iPhone specific emoji are displayed properly only when viewed with the Safari browser on an iPhone (or iPod Touch) with iPhone OS 2.2 or higher. When such pages are viewed outside an iPhone (e.g. on a pc or mac), garbled characters may be displayed instead of the emoji characters.